Area Rugs

A well-chosen area rug introduces color, pattern, and texture to a room, instantly adding warmth and elevating its visual appeal – identifying a comfortable space where people can gather, relax, and enjoy. From a practical standpoint, a rug will absorb sound – minimizing echoes and reducing noise levels in the room.
With a vast array of rug styles, colors, and patterns available, you can express your personality and style through your rug choice. Whether it’s a vintage-inspired design, a bold contemporary pattern, or a subtle neutral tone, your rug becomes a reflection of your taste.
that sparks conversation and intrigue. With the careful marriage of function and aesthetics, an area rug possesses the uncanny ability to transcend its status as mere floor covering, ultimately becoming an indispensable instrument in crafting an ambiance that exudes both inviting warmth and captivating design sophistication.
At CV Floors & Blinds, we are proud to offer an extremely wide selection of carpet selections from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry, including: Shaw, Anderson Tuftex, Masland, Dixie Home, Kane and others.